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Backcountry Drop-Offs

In The Heart of the Wilderness


Chitiu mining camp, summer.

WRANGELL-ST. ELIAS NATIONAL PARK has more than 13 million rugged acres to explore and the possibilities for adventure are endless.  The level of adventure is up to you...from a relaxing fly-in day-hiking trip to climbing one of the Park's many peaks over 16000 feet.

Backcountry locations offer ready access to fishing, glacial trekking, ice and rock climbing, mountaineering, rafting trips, horse riding, exploring historical mining ruins, and so much more!  As you explore this spectacular land, don't forget to take a deep breath and savor the crisp, clean air; solitude and immersion in this wild land.


Grizzly bear family traverse rock slopes near Doubtful Creek.

Alaska's backcountry is virtually devoid of trails, making good maps and skilled navigation a key asset for any backcountry trip.  As you explore keep an eye out for both large and small game and watch for remnants of the mining days in the form of artifacts, mining shafts and camps and cabins.


Glacier Creek, Martin Radovan camp.

Wildflower at The Fosse

Skolai Lake.

View into Chitisone Gorge

Tebay Lakes, happy fishermen.

Historical mining ruins at Chisana.

Rugged, rocky terrain and gently rolling green hills.

Lakana cabin.

Bear tracks at Fan Glacier.

A Kodak on a ridge accessible from Lakana airstrip.

Tana Glacier calving terminus, pre 2000

Tana River rafters.